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Interview with Parker Griggs, guitarist and leader of Radio Moscow.

Recently we were at the Radio Moscow and Prisma Circus gig in Barcelona (Click here if you missed the concert review), and Parker Griggs, guitarist and leader of Radio Moscow, give us that interview for the blog "Sounds From Space".

-In my opinion, in each album we can hear a big evolution of sounds, compositions and arrangements. For exemple, “The Great Scape of Leslie Magnafuzz” sounds more mature than the two first albums. Do you think this was the definitive step to be one of the best actual rock bands?

-We try to improve in each album, and I think we’re growing as musicians too, so this is why we sound a little better in every step we take.

- When someone hear any Radio Moscow album, he could find a lot of sounds of seventies underground bands like Granicus, Sir Lord Baltimore, Samuel Prody…
Do you think your music have a great influence from this kind of bands?

-Yes! We love that kind of stuff of 60’s and 70’s rock, and we have a lot of influences from them!

Parker Griggs
-Which others psych rock bands do you like?
-Really like Randy Holden, “Population II” is a great album. And more bands like Amon Düül II, Morgen, Blues Creation…

-Yeah, Blues Creation! Really love them! In my opinion their best album is “Carmen Maki”, which is your favourite?
-I personally prefer “Demon & Eleven Children” more than the other albums. It’s really awesome!

-What do you think about the Spanish fans? Which are the differences between they and the rest of the world?
-they’re pretty rad! They always turns crazy in our gigs!

-Which is the strangest place you´ve ever played?¿
-oh…hmmm… let me think…

-maybe like a boat the past week?
-Yeah, the boat was awesome! We played in a wrestling ring too!

-Really? Haha! How was the sound of the gig in that wrestling ring?

-The sound was ok, but us and the amps were jumping during the concert. It was very crazy!

-Recently Radio Moscow did a tour with Graveyard. Which anecdotes or stories did happen? Sure It happened something funny or interesting!

-We had a great party time with they and the fans. At the beginning of the tour Rikard Edlund removed my stitches. Definitely not a doctor, so I was a little scared. We did some great jams together too, and it was fucking awesome. Really cool guys!
Parker, Billy and Lonnie.

-How did you meet Lonnie and Billy?
-Billy was in Red Octopus, a San Diego band. Radio Moscow play with them, and I think I meet him in a party after the concert. And Lonnie was in Red Dog Revival, a psychedelic rock band. I called them cause I needed musicians who were comfort playing in that style, and they really save the tour!

-Which plans have Radio Moscow before the end of the year?
-Probably do a half album, I’m thinking on working in a few songs when I go home. Do some American tours… and hopefully we’ll come back here again!

-Sounds good! Many thanks for your interview, Parker!
-Thanks to you, man!


Radio Moscow just ended their European Tour, but sure they'll come again to Europe very soon! Follow them in Facebook and check their future gigs dates!

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